2010: Our Hideous Future - The Musical!
2010 Tour to Close at Pi-Con, 9 PM August 18

Ensfield, Connecticut’s Pi-themed SF convention Pi-Con will host the final performance of the 2010 tour on Saturday, August 18 at 9 PM. Location: the Holiday Inn in Ensfield/Springfield.

Registration here: http://pi-con.org/

2010 in Brooklyn Closes Tonight

2010 rocked the everloving house on Friday night. Tickets for our closing show are available here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/254766

The stage.  Triskelion Arts.  2010 in Brooklyn opens in mere minutes.  Hope to see you tomorrow.

The stage. Triskelion Arts. 2010 in Brooklyn opens in mere minutes. Hope to see you tomorrow.

2010 grows in brooklyn

We’ve arrived. Load in begins in just a few hours…

Tickets for Friday and Saturday: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/254766

Vektropolis Teaser (by vek2069)

IT’S 2010: OUR HIDEOUS FUTURE - THE GAME!!! Okay, not really. But if you’re a fan of the hilariously retrofuture-tastic style of our show, check out this sweet game, called Vektropolis, when it drops next December. It’s like you’re flying around in the MC’s head.

Also: get your tickets for our Brooklyn shows here. That’s August 3 and 4, kittens.

Get Tickets to New York, August 3-4

Right here, fellows.

Julia (aka The MC) and Andy (aka The Composer) making good use of their tech time.


Yes, just as sure as I saw Goody Proctor dancing with the devil in the cold moonlight, “2010: Our HIdeous Future - The Musical!” is screeching like a bat outta hell straight towards the ol’ Griffen Theater in SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS for one night only - Saturday, July 21st at 8pm.

So, click here if you’d like to pick up your tickets for “2010:OHF“‘s Salem slot…

(Salem… slot…. Salemslot…. Salems lot… SALEM’S LOT??? That book was SCARY! AAAAAAAUGHHGHHGHGAAA!HHHH!!)

Seriously, though. The good people of Salem (motto: “Practicing Religious Tolerance Since 1693!”) have agreed to let us put on a show for them, and tickets are going fast.

Heck, they even interviewed Carl and Andy in a couple of their spooky local newspapers.

Salem News - Facing the future

Salem Patch - A Hideous Future coming to Griffen Theater

So, wingardium your leviosa to the Griffen Theater for “2010: Our Hideous Future - the Musical!” in Salem. Only 16 Sickles and 25 knuts! (that’s $10, in Muggle money.)